It is great that you are consistent with “free runs.” I have three suggestions to help with your consistency with “controlled runs,” which I am assuming you mean deliberate speed work sessions. Correct me if not.

  1. Think of your “controlled runs” as something you are treating yourself to and as a privilege you’ve earned because you have been consistent with the other runs. By re-framing the definition, you may find you want to do them more often.
  2. Integrate your speed sessions in your free runs. In this case, with time trials, try to run a section of your run just a little faster and try to hold that for a certain period of time. You can use street lamps or other landmarks as markers for time if you want to try the techniques in the article.
  3. Invite a friend to do them with you once a week. This is helpful in keeping each other consistent.

Thanks for your response and high five to a fellow runner!!


All American & ranked 1500 meter masters runner. SDSU XC/Track alum. Write about running, health & well-being. Editor at Runner’s Life.

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