Using Screen Fasts to Bring Joy Back Into Our Lives

Photo by S&B Vonlanthen on Unsplash

Screen Vacation

The first is having a vacation from devices, T.V.s, and computers. It doesn’t matter if you take a proper vacation or a staycation, having a defined period of time at least twice a year to have a week, or even two to recharge your own battery by taking a break from work, news, social media or computer browsing is priceless. Even if you can’t take a break from work, simplifying other aspects of your life will help tremendously.

Daily Breaks

The other is having a regular time period where screens are off. In our house, we practice being device-free when we have meals. We also park our devices when we have something to do so that we practice full attention to our responsibilities rather than constantly diverting attention to our phones.

Weekly Breaks

We designate “Screen-Free Thursdays.” Of course, we must have our phones available for important phone calls, and even texts, but otherwise, we try to use Thursday for catching up on housework or getting out for a walk on the beach, or cooking a meal together. It doesn’t have to be Thursday for you, it could be any day of the week, but it is good to practice having a day where you are free from the complexities that come with a plugged-in life.

All American & ranked 1500 meter masters runner. SDSU XC/Track alum. Write about running, health & well-being. Editor at Runner’s Life.

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